Tanzanite Treasure




This amazing bracelet has such gorgeous, vibrant color in the stones. For those of you who don't know, Tanzanite looks similar to a sapphire, but it has a slight purple hue to it and is a bit more reflective than the darker blue of most sapphires, so it seems to sparkle a bit more.  This bracelet has a gorgeous, alternating pattern of 5 pear and 5 emerald-cut rectangle stones in the most amazing Tanzanite blue color. All 10 of these stones measure 8 X 6mm, which is visually equivalent to approximately 1.25 carats each.  These stones are bezel-set and surrounded by a sparkling halo of tiny, round synthetic “diamonds”.  Then, in between each of these Tanzanite stones is a 4 X 4mm (40 point) square princess-cut “diamond” stone, which is also surrounded by a sparkly halo of more stones. Shimmer & sparkle are certainly abundant in this unique piece!

It has a push slide-in lock with two “figure 8's” on the outside edges for extra security. It measures 7.25″ long and is meant to be worn down lower on the wrist, so it still shimmers and shows, because some of the bracelet will still be seen peeking out, even when you're wearing long sleeves or a blazer. The base is sterling silver sealed in rhodium-platinum that resists tarnishing when cared for properly.