Shimmering Steps

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A gorgeous dazzler of 3 radiant-cut stones with a vintage inspired band. This ring runs small, and we are down to one left in a size 9 (that fits more like and 8.5) and one size 6 (that fits more like a 5.5).

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The large center stone measures approximately 10 mm tall X 8 mm wide, which is just over three-carats in size. The two side stones are just under one-carat each, measuring 6.7 mm tall by 3.9 mm wide. All of the three main stones are a radiant rectangle cut. To add even more “bling”, each of the 3 stones is outlined in a halo of tiny round stones. This tends to give it a classic and vintage feel, and it also makes the stones look even larger and more sparkly.

As if the top of this ring wasn't unique and gorgeous enough, the band and setting are pieces of art on their own. The setting is decorated with an intricate design of filigree cut-outs that encase each of the 3 stones, and the band is set with 3 small round stones going half way down each side. This ring is literally covered with design and detail from every angle, whether you look at the top, bottom, sides or face. As usual, the setting is pure sterling silver with a shiny white platinum seal. This is truly a real dazzler!

Note: Runs a tad small so order accordingly. We're almost completely sold out on this ring and only have it left in a size 9 and a size 6.