Band of Bling-Square

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This band sure packs a lot of sparkle in its 1/4″ height. The shape of this band makes it super unique and interesting….. Although the inside is a typical round shape that goes around your finger, the actual design of the outside edge of the ring is a SQUARE. All 4 sides of the entire ring are micro-pave' set with tiny, round sparkling synthetic “diamonds”.  All sides are rounded off in sort of a dome shape, so bling can be seen from not only the top, but also when people see it from the top or bottom edge. This style was one of our best sellers, so we are down to our very last 2 pieces being sold here in size 6 or 8.  The base is sterling silver sealed in rhodium-platinum so that it resist tarnishing when cared for properly, via the care instructions that come included with every item.