Pearl Pizzazz Mask


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Now that face masks are part of our required daily wear, why not make them a fashion statement and start matching them to your outfits?  You’ll be guaranteed to get lots of compliments on this one!

These masks are machine stitched, using the softest cotton and polyester fabrics, so they are extremely soft and comfortable.  They are edged in stretch elastic fabric, so they fit any face shape and are easily pulled over the ears (and the part that goes over the ears is adjustable on these, for even more convenience and comfort). These offer full coverage of the entire nose and mouth area, and there is a removable filter inside that blocks out particles that are 2.5 microns or larger. This filter can easily be slid out and washed in the sink in warm water and disinfecting soap. Even the masks can be hand washed. With the filter inside you have THREE layers of protection (more than most masks). The white fabric is covered in hundreds of mesh pearls, which are so classy and elegant!

NOTE: Due to the sterile nature of these products they are NOT returnable. 
If the color/style you are ordering has sold out (which happens frequently) we can usually get it in for you within 2-3 weeks. If this is the case we will reach out to you via phone or email right away to advise you of this delay and you will have the option to wait for it to come in, switch your chosen color/style for another one, or get a full refund.