Pave’ Pizzazz – Medium Round – Gold


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These sparkly round hoops are totally covered in 3 rows of tiny pave’-set synthetic diamonds, so it looks like a wall of total bling. Although each stone is set in between 4 tiny “dot prongs” (just as genuine diamond hoops would be set), you only see the sparkle of the stones when these are worn. The stones cover the front of the hoop, as well as the inside of the back of the hoop too, so there is sparkle coming from all sides that people see. These measure 1.2” in diameter and are 0.14”/3.1mm wide/thick. These are “huggie” style, where the front of the hoop clicks into the back of the hoop, so that it goes continuously around. These have a trademarked locking mechanism to ensure that you can never lose these hoops while worn. There is a tiny push-button lever right behind the post that you must depress in order to open the latch and release the post from the back of the earring. It is super easy to operate, but ensures extra safety against losing an earring. These are made of nickel-free 925 sterling silver that has been sealed in 18 carat yellow gold to resist tarnishing when cared for properly. These also come sealed in rhodium-platinum, or sealed in black rhodium (set with jet black synthetic “diamonds”).

(To ensure that you are caring for your item properly & safely, we highly recommend adding one of our FOAM jewelry cleaning bottles onto your order, for just $14.99, to keep your hoops looking bright, sparkly and shiny, without damaging your finish with typical liquid cleaners, which tend to have harsh chemicals in them, like alcohol or ammonia, etc.)