Semi-Precious Sensation

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This was a VERY unique and costly necklace to make, which is why we only ever made 6 of them. 5 of the 6 sold out within just a few weeks and we are now down to our very last one forever, so we have marked this down by $60 – a GREAT savings!! This necklace is made from ALL genuine semi-precious stones, including 120 marcasite stones and 19 pieces of 6mm round faceted polished onyx balls. This necklace is very regal looking on the neck and it has a lot of movement as the balls dangle and move as you move. The marcasite stones and the facets in the onyx catch the light as they move. Marcasite, sometimes called “white iron pyrite”, is iron sulfide with an orthorhombic crystal structure that grows naturally. It gives off a shimmery metallic gray tone and set against the antiqued, blackened sterling silver base it really adds drama to this piece. This is a total of 16″ long, but you can insert the claw lock into any of the loops along the back of the necklaces if you wish to wear it shorter. Get this last one before it's gone forever!