Falling Ice

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Have you seen the biggest trend in diamonds right now?  It's called SLICED DIAMONDS and it is a new cut of diamond where the gemologist slices a large flat section of the uncut diamond from the whole piece, so it looks more raw, asymmetrical and natural. We have mimicked this new look, which is in such high demand, and we have made two drop earring styles with it, as well as 2-3 necklace styles. We are VERY limited on our supply of these, so get them quickly, before they are gone.

This particular design comes in silver and it is made up of 5 connected sliced oval stones that are set into asymmetrical settings to give it a really unique & interesting look. These hang down approximately 2″ from the bottom of the lobe and are just under 1″ across at the center, widest point. They have a hook top, so you just put the hook through your ear – there are no tiny slide-on backs to struggle with or lose.

All 5 of the sliced “diamonds” ovals are surrounded by a tiny halo of bling. These can be worn dressy or with jeans.

NOTE: The shaved stones are totally CLEAR, although they do look as if they have a bit of a faded gray or green tint to them in the photos. That's just the background of the display stand showing through the clear stones.