Modern Italia – Black


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We cannot take the credit for this super modern and unique design, as much as we wish we could….this was created by an Italian supplier that we work with.  We just loved the cool and modern mix of the brushed, ribbed base with the contrast of the shimmering stones in the two square accent areas, which look like they are free floating on top of the double banded base.  We have this in 4 finishes….rose with silver squares, rose with black-rhodium squares, gold with silver squares, and black rhodium with clear squares. This listing is for our very last piece of this, in the black rhodium finish, and we only have this in a size 8 left. The 2 geometric square accent pieces are covered with tiny, round synthetic “diamonds” to add some sparkle to this ultra fashion forward Italian look!  The base is sterling silver sealed in black rhodium to prevent tarnishing, and it measures just over 1/4″ wide all the way around.