Amazing Asscher


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This classic and timeless ring is set with a 7mm / 2 carat  Asscher cut center stone. What is an Asscher cut stone?  Many don't know, which is strange considering this cut dates as far back as 1857, when the father & son team of  the Royal Asscher Diamond Company patented the Asscher cut, making it the first signature patented cut ever in the world. This unique cut is a square, set with large step-cut facets. If you’ve ever seen an Emerald cut, then you’ve seen something very similar to this, although the Emerald cut is a lower quality derivative of the Asscher cut. The center stone is surrounded by a halo border of tiny, round stones which trail half-way down the double split-shank band.

Our rings are made from high quality, nickel-free sterling silver, which is then sealed in rhodium-platinum so that they resist tarnishing when cared for properly.