Pearl Perfection




This is an elegant bracelet with an estate look. Here you have 3 strands of white, Fresh Water Pearls, with beautiful sheen and symmetry. The pearls measure approximately 4.5mm each.  The center focal point of the bracelet has a gorgeous Victorian-style design, completely covered in tiny synthetic “diamond” jewels.  The largest stone is the center stone, which measures 5.4mm (just over 1/2 carat).
Even the “box lock” in back is decorative, gorgeous and completely covered in sparkling stones.  Pearls are always classic and classy, and we know that you will enjoy this elegant beauty.
Measures approximately 7.5″ around and is meant to be worn down lower on the wrist, so that it falls low enough to be seen even when wearing a long sleeve shirt or blazer.  (This is not recommended for ladies with super tiny wrists.)