Commanding Canaries



This half-round hoop is dressy and as sparkly as an earring can possible be! These are the perfect small size, at 0.75 from top to bottom″. Because these are a bit thicker than most half-hoops, at 5/8″ thick/wide, they make quite a WOW statement and do appear a bit visually larger than their true size. These are a half-hoop shape with a post and a spring-loaded Omega back closure that pops right over the post to lock the earring in place without having to slide on those super tiny butterfly backs that always seem to fall out of your fingers.

Now let's talk about these 3 absolutely radiant stones, because they are truly spectacular! The are a vibrant perfect shade of canary yellow, and they are a radiant-cut that is set horizontally on the long edge. Each one measures 8 X 5.5mm, which makes them 1.75 carats each! Then, each of these large canary yellow stones is outlined by a halo of 24 small round clear stones, to add even more fire and sparkle to this design. These are a dressy WOW pair for sure!