Pearl Path – Square



This is a pair of very large, chandelier drop earrings, and they are very unique. The design is made up of 3 squares with rounded corners and they get larger from top to bottom. The top and bottom squares are set with genuine Mother-of-Pearl squares, which have such a rich luster to them. They are bezel-set with a rim of silver around them. The center square is solid brushed silver. These measure 2.75″ long and the top part that sits center on the lobe measures 5/8″ wide and tall, so it will cover the whole lobe. The center square gets larger, measuring just under 1″, and the bottom is very large, measuring just under 1.5″ wide and tall. Each of the 3 squares has movement from one another, so that these shimmer in the light as you wear them.

Normally an earring this large is very heavy and weighs the ear down a lot, but these were specifically made to be as light as possible for their size, weighing only 14 grams per ear. They also come with an oversized, large butterfly backs, which helps hold them firmly against the ear and keeps them from drooping forward. These also come in gold via special order, and they also come in the same exact design, but with 3 ROUND sections instead of square.